“MACEPA: A Decade of Impact” chronicles the ways we’re proud to have contributed to the considerable progress demonstrated in the countries we’ve partnered with and describes the methods that have got us to where we are.

The global public health community is taking on the challenge of malaria elimination, and PATH’s Malaria Control and Elimination Partnership in Africa (MACEPA) has been working with national governments since 2005 to demonstrate how it can be done. Through piloting new strategies, strengthening health systems, and scaling up delivery of lifesaving tools, MACEPA is accelerating progress and helping generate the evidence needed to end malaria once and for all.

Malaria has long been a leading killer of young children around the world; but in recent years, dramatic progress has been made against the disease. Robust funding, a strong, united partnership, and innovative strategies and tools have helped make this achievement possible, with malaria deaths decreasing an unprecedented 58 percent worldwide since the year 2000. However, to achieve a world free from malaria, much remains to be done.

MACEPA is partnering with countries to further drive down malaria illnesses and deaths by:

  • Rapidly increasing coverage with proven interventions–like insecticide-treated bednets and indoor spraying of insecticides–to prevent mosquitoes from transmitting malaria from one person to another.
  • Strengthening prompt and effective case management and access to accurate diagnostics and effective treatment.
  • Implementing strategies to clear parasites from people, including those who do not show symptoms or feel sick. This means testing the effectiveness of approaches like mass drug administration and case investigation to further reduce malaria transmission in targeted areas.
  • Strengthening reporting systems and implementing nationally representative surveys to generate robust and timely data to inform action and measure progress.
  • Helping strengthen political commitment and financial investment in the fight against malaria through advocacy and policy efforts.

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MACEPA’s goal is to work closely with malaria-endemic countries to establish and expand regions where malaria transmission has been halted (“malaria-free zones”). Malaria elimination is an ambitious goal, and success depends on the involvement and commitment of key stakeholders from the national level to the community. MACEPA will share what it learns through operational research and best practices will be packaged for adoption and adaptation by other countries, with the goal of demonstrating how malaria can be successfully eliminated across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, the world is working to make malaria history.

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