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Malaria clinic in Mae Ngao District, Mae Hong Son province, in northern Thailand. Located right next to the Thai/Myanmar border, the province sees a large number of people crossing the border in both directions throughout the year (Credit: Alex Boyesen/DigitalMixes)

Widespread artemisinin resistance could wipe out a decade of malaria investment

Global malaria deaths have been halved in the past decade. Despite such progress, 584,000 people still lost their lives to the disease in 2013. Nine out of ten of those deaths were in Africa, and over three quarters occurred among children under 5 years of age (1). Over 2 billion people are thought to be vulnerable to malaria infection in the Asia Pacific region.

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Scientists working to defeat malaria in Acre, Brazil. Photo credit: Vivian Zanatta

The long walk to a malaria-free world

First, the good news. Since 2000, malaria deaths have been on the decline and several million lives have been saved thanks to the concerted efforts of the malaria community. However, around 3.3 billion people are still at risk from the disease and over half a million die each year.

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