PATH Malaria Learning Series

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The PATH Malaria Learning Series provides concise briefings on the latest evidence in malaria research and science. Each issue will provide an overview of important developments in malaria control and elimination and synthesize results from PATH-supported research.

A Conceptual Framework for Malaria Elimination

This issue of the PATH Malaria Learning Series builds directly upon the WHO Elimination Framework for Malaria Elimination, and further describes the steps to elimination as a practical approach for national malaria programs as they move along the continuum of decreasing malaria transmission intensity. These steps aim to help program managers and team members think about how to best deploy the tools at their disposal according to their country’s malaria transmission strata (from high to very low) and varying ecologic, epidemiological, and societal features.






The PATH Innovation Pipeline for Malaria

PATH is working in partnership with countries and organizations around the world to develop the next generation of tools and approaches to detect, prevent, and treat malaria.This issue of the PATH Malaria Learning Series explores PATH’s innovation pipeline, which includes promising projects in vaccines, diagnostics, drugs (both developing new drugs and using existing drugs in new ways), and system and service innovations. These projects span the full development cycle, from upstream research and development to field implementation. Similarly, they extend across the technology spectrum, ranging from sophisticated vaccine development to scalable strategies that outfit volunteer health workers with malaria elimination tools. Defeating malaria will require a range of innovative strategies and solutions, and PATH’s innovation pipeline provides many encouraging examples of the work that is now underway.



Population-Wide Drug-Based Strategies for malaria Elimination

Population-Wide Drug-Based Strategies for Malaria Elimination

Population-wide drug-based strategies are potentially powerful accelerators for malaria elimination. This issue of the PATH Malaria Learning Series explores their role in rapidly reducing the malaria parasite burden in targeted populations and explains the differences between various population-wide drug-based strategies. It also takes a close look at the results of PATH-supported research into population wide drug-based strategies in three malaria-endemic countries in Africa.