Elimination Approaches

Net illustrationWhile proven models for eliminating malaria exist in Asia and Latin America, the groundbreaking work of charting how the disease can be eliminated in sub-Saharan Africa has only recently begun. Over the last fifteen years, dramatic increases in funding and political support have enabled endemic African countries to make major progress reducing malaria burden and creating an environment conducive to elimination approaches.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to eliminating the disease. To defeat it, we must work across a range of transmission intensities to target the malaria parasite in humans, many of whom may not have symptoms because of acquired immunity. This means:

These strategies are being employed in the countries where MACEPA works, with the goal of lowering malaria rates and eventually eliminating transmission of the parasite altogether. Lessons learned will build the evidence base to inform adoption and adaptation across the continent. Find out more about the latest lessons learned in our toolkit.

Please explore our elimination approaches, starting with Strategies that work.