Where We Work

IMG_5849We know that malaria can be eliminated because we are already doing it. Even though the disease was prevalent across the world less than a century ago, malaria was eliminated in nearly all of Western Europe by the mid-1930s. Thirty-seven countries and territories were certified by WHO as malaria-free during the 17 years of the Global Malaria Eradication Programme (1955 to 1978), and seven countries and one territory were certified in from 1973 to 1987. More recently, three countries have been certified as malaria-free since 2007.

In Africa, MACEPA is currently working with partners and the ministries of health in Zambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, and Kenya in an effort to move each of these countries closer to elimination.

Botswana, Cape Verde, São Tome and Principe, South Africa, and Swaziland have also recently made great strides toward eliminating the disease.