Key resources on sequestration for global health advocates

Experts in the global health community have put together a number of resources and briefing documents to help the public understand the potentially devastating impact of sequestration on global health. Budget cuts at this level will directly inhibit progress on work to eliminate malaria, tuberculosis, polio, and HIV, as well as reduce family planning programs and other vital resources. In many cases, development achieved in the last few years will not only be halted, but will relapse. The global health community is working to mitigate the dangerous effects of these cuts.

The documents below are excellent tools for advocates, policymakers, members of the media, and other major stakeholders on sequestration as it relates to global health:

PATH also made a post on its blog about the importance for protecting funding for global health.

Most recently, President Obama and Congress have agreed to renegotiate the cuts, and have until March 27 to settle on a new spending bill. If agreement is achieved, it is possible that some of the effects of the sequester will be minimized. Further, in the next month the President will be releasing his budget request for FY2014. Urgent advocacy is imperative to ensuring that policymakers understand the critical need for increased—not sustained or decreased—funding for global health projects, and secure continued support in future budget plans.



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