Malaria roundup

Nordic countries giving $750 million to the Global Fund? They can a-fjord it.

Nordic countries giving $750 million to the Global Fund? Glad they can a-fjord it.

Not unlike Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and the kindest of all dieties, Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland displayed great generosity and recently pledged $750 million to the Global Fund. But Freyja was also said to ride a grand chariot pulled by giant blue cats, so perhaps the similarities end there.

Possibly more unnerving than the thought of mosquitoes is that of mosquito sperm. Nasty. But here’s an idea to get rid of the stuff, and to halt malaria transmission, by creating sterile male mosquitos.

The safety of iron supplements given out in malaria-endemic areas has been questioned by some global health experts. However, a study shows that iron supplements do not heighten malaria risk.

Unfortunate news from Chad, where malaria cases have risen dramatically.

An interesting look at two cases in the Netherlands, where individuals who had not been in malaria-endemic areas for years contracted P. falciparum malaria after visiting countries in southern Europe.

Malaria is disease that takes a large economic toll on many countries. It costs Nigeria a lot. And this study looks at the economic costs of malaria in children under five years of age in Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya.

A look at malaria in Uganda and how progress is hampered by corruption in the country’s government.

When national programs integrated their neglected tropical disease activities, how were individual disease-specific programs impacted? This study sought to find out.

Photo: Justin Balog

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