Senegal’s success against malaria detailed in new report

MACEPA is excited to announce a new report “Senegal: Charting the path to malaria elimination,” produced in partnership with Senegal’s National Malaria Control Program, Zero Palu!, and Speak Up Africa. 

Malaria has historically been one of Senegal’s major health challenges. Less than two decades ago, malaria accounted for one-third of outpatient visits nationwide. But today, Senegal has one of the lowest malaria case incidence rates in west Africa and is one of the only countries in which that rate continues to fall, with a 30 percent reduction in cases between 2015 and 2016. This progress was recently noted by the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA), which recognized Senegal for its exemplary leadership against malaria, even as regional and global progress against malaria remain stalled. In fact, Senegal’s progress has been so pronounced that there are now several northern districts where local transmission has been nearly wiped out, and where elimination appears to be an achievable near-term goal.

Senegal’s substantial and sustained progress against malaria is an inspiring public health success story, and a source of potential lessons for other countries on the path to elimination. This report describes three major success factors: 

  1. Outstanding leadership and partner engagement.
  2. The achievement and maintenance of high intervention coverage levels.
  3. A thriving data culture.   

The report also explores several exciting new opportunities to consolidate and expand upon Senegal’s two decades of impact.

Read the full report at

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