Global survey of malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT) sales, procurement and lot verification practices: assessing the use of the WHO–FIND Malaria RDT Evaluation Programme (2011–2014)

As malaria RDTs from different manufacturers can present wide variations, especially in terms of performance characteristics, and can be affected by sub-optimal transport or storage conditions, the use of the PT/LT Programme results as well as procurement and lot verification practices were assessed through a large-scale survey, gathering product-specific RDT sales and procurement data (2011–14 period) from a total of 32 manufacturers, 12 procurers, and 68 National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCPs).

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Publication date: May 2017
Source: Malaria Journal

Systematic Review of Sub-microscopic P. vivax Infections: Prevalence and Determining Factors

Sub-microscopic (SM) Plasmodium infections represent transmission reservoirs that could jeopardise malaria elimination goals. A better understanding of the epidemiology of these infections and factors contributing to their occurrence will inform effective elimination strategies. While the epidemiology of SM P. falciparum infections has been documented, that of SM P. vivax infections has not been summarised. The objective of this study is to address this deficiency.

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Publication date: January 2015
Source: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases