Limitations of Rapid Diagnostic Testing in Patients with Suspected Malaria: A Diagnostic Accuracy Evaluation from Swaziland, a Low-Endemicity Country Aiming for Malaria Elimination

An investigation into the diagnostic accuracy of histidine-rich protein 2–based RDTs using qualitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (nested PCR targeting the cytochrome b gene) and quantitative PCR as reference standards.

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Publication date: March 2017
Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases

Point of Care Testing for Malaria Using LAMP, Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification

This article discusses the benefits of using the point-of-care diagnostic LAMP as a faster alternative to PCR and a more sensitive alternative to RDTs and microscopy to detect asymptomatic, sub-patent infections. Due to LAMP’s high sensitivity and low-resource requirements for use, it could be a useful tool for lower endemic countries who conduct active case detection.

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Publication date: June 2014
Source: Journal of Infectious Diseases