Use of malaria RDTs in various health contexts across sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review

Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) increase the availability and feasibility of accurate diagnosis and may result in improved quality of care. Though RDTs are used in a variety of contexts, no studies have compared how well or effectively RDTs are used across these contexts. This review assesses the diagnostic use of RDTs in four different contexts: health facilities, the community, drug shops and schools.

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Publication date: May 2017
Source: BMC Public Health

Using pay for performance incentives (P4P) to improve management of suspected malaria fevers in rural Kenya: a cluster randomized controlled trial

The authors tested a P4P strategy that emphasized parasitological diagnosis and appropriate treatment of suspected malaria, in particular reduction of unnecessary consumption of ACTs. Facility-based incentives coupled with training may be more effective than training alone and could complement other quality improvement approaches.

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Publication date: October 2015
Source: BMC Medicine