Accelerating US Progress in Combating Malaria Worldwide: Recommendations for Maximizing Investments Toward a World Free From Malaria

PATH lays out recommendations for the US Administration and Congress to accelerate progress toward a malaria-free world. By fully funding malaria programs, intensifying support for research and development, and leveraging US influence globally, the United States can take a decisive step toward eradicating malaria and a healthier future for all.

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Publication date: June 2017
Source: PATH

Semisynthetic artemisinin: Cross-sector partnership to stabilize the antimalarial drug supply

The world’s supply of artemisinin is volatile due to a number of factors, resulting in price volatility and periodic shortages. This fact sheet describes the new public-private partnership to develop a new pharmaceutical manufacturing process to produce semisynthetic artemisinin to supplement the plant-based supply.

Publication date: April 2014