Community-based intermittent mass testing and treatment for malaria in an area of high transmission intensity, western Kenya: study design and methodology for a cluster randomized controlled trial

This manuscript describes the study design and methodology of a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate a mass testing and treatment approach for malaria transmission reduction in an area of high malaria transmission in western Kenya.

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Publication date: June 2017
Source: Malaria Journal

The central role of national programme management for the achievement of malaria elimination: a cross case-study analysis of nine malaria programmes

Malaria eradication will require adaptive, well-managed malaria programmes that are able to tailor implementation of evidence-based strategies, founded upon strong sub-national surveillance and response, with adequate funding and human resources.

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Publication date: September 2016
Source: Malaria Journal

Safety and immunogenicity of RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine in infants and children with WHO stage 1 or 2 HIV disease: a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial

RTS, S/AS01 was well tolerated when given to children with WHO clinical stage 1 or 2 HIV disease along with high antiretroviral and co-trimoxazole use. Children with HIV disease could be included in future RTS,S/AS01 vaccination programmes.

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Publication date: October 2016
Source: The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Strategies and approaches to vector control in nine malaria-eliminating countries: a cross-case study analysis

Country experiences in the Eliminating Malaria Case Study Series were reviewed to identify success factors on the road to elimination using a cross-case study analytic approach. Most countries aligned with integrated vector management, all programmes conducted entomological surveillance, and indoor residual spraying (IRS) and bednets were commonly used. There were several examples of severe reductions or halting of IRS coverage and subsequent resurgence of malaria.

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Publication date: January 2016
Source: Malaria Journal