Malaria and the mobile and migrant population in Cambodia: a population movement framework to inform strategies for malaria control and elimination

The mobile and migrant populations (MMP) who are involved in forest related activities are both at high risk of being infected with malaria and at risk of receiving late and sub-standard treatment due to poor access to health services. This paper describes the process of defining MMPs in Cambodia, identifying the different activities and related risks to appropriately target and tailor interventions to the highest risk groups. The framework has been used to develop more targeted behaviour change and outreach interventions for MMPs in Cambodia and its utility and effectiveness will be evaluated as part of those interventions.

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Publication date: June 2015
Source: Malaria Journal

Evidence of falciparum malaria multidrug resistance to artemisinin and piperaquine in western Cambodia: dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine open-label multicenter clinical assessment.

The data from this study support evidence of P. falciparum piperaquine resistance in western Cambodia, an area of widespread artemisinin resistance. The study recommends that new therapeutic strategies be tested, such as the use of triple ACTs.

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Publication date: May 2015
Source: American Society for Microbiology

Selection and Spread of Artemisinin-Resistant Alleles in Thailand Prior to the Global Artemisinin Resistance Containment Campaign

This study demonstrates that parasites with K13 propeller mutations associated with artemisinin resistance were widely present along the Thai-Cambodia and Thai-Myanmar borders prior to the implementation of the artemisinin resistance containment project in the region.

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Publication date: April 2015
Source: PLOS Pathogens

Moving towards malaria elimination: Developing innovative tools for malaria surveillance in Cambodia

A learning paper documenting the lessons learned in developing tools to improve malaria surveillance in Cambodia, including  routine reporting systems using eHealth and mobile phone-based (mHealth) solutions, and the considerations in implementing mHealth solutions.

Publication date: September 2013
Source: Malaria Consortium