U.S. Health Engagement in Africa: A Decade of Remarkable Achievement—Now What?

A policy brief celebrating the role of the US Government in gains made in global health over the past decade, and recommending that US programs build on this momentum and clearly define future strategies to continue this success.

Publication date: August 2013
Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/u-s-health-engagement-in-africa-a-decade-of-remarkable-achievement-now-what/

A Greater Mekong Health Security Partnership: A Report of the CSIS Task Force on Health and Smart Power in Asia

The Greater Mekong Health Security Partnership is a dynamic proposal for a new form of U.S. humanitarian engagement in Asia that can creatively combine civilian and military capacities. With high-level civilian leadership, it is feasible, timely, affordable, and focused. It can be tailored to local and national realities, while at the same time advancing U.S. foreign policy interests as part of the strategic rebalance in the Asia Pacific, and provide the foundation for future enlarged partnerships across Asia.

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Publication date: July 2013
Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/a-greater-mekong-health-security-partnership-a-report-of-the-csis-task-force-on-health-and-smart-power-in-asia/

Progress & Impact Series: Focus on Madagascar

A report on the progress and impact of malaria control in Madagascar, highlighting the prevention and case-management interventions that have resulted in improved malaria and health indicators.

Publication date: June 2013
Source: Roll Back Malaria Partnership
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/progress-impact-series-focus-on-madagascar/

CHW “Principles of Practice”: Guiding principles for non-governmental organizations and their partners for coordinated national scale-up of community health worker programmes

A framework for advocacy, programming and partnership between implementing non-governmental organizations and donor agencies working with key community health worker cadres in countries for which rapid and urgent scale-up of community healthw worker programs is a priority.

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Publication date: April 2013
Source: CORE Group
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/chw-principles-of-practice-guiding-principles-for-non-governmental-organizations-and-their-partners-for-coordinated-national-scale-up-of-community-health-worker-programmes/

Review of National-Level Malaria in Pregnancy Documents in Five PMI Focus Countries [PDF]

A review of malaria in pregnancy related policies, guidelines, training and supervision materials in five PMI focus countries (Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda), offering country-specific findings and recommendations as well as overall recommendations that can be applied to other malaria endemic countries.

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Publication date: April 2013
Source: Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP)
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/4034/

Senate Resolution 119: Supporting the goals and ideals of World Malaria Day

A resolution passed in the Senate in April, 2013, supporting the goals and ideals behind World Malaria Day, recognizing the importance of reducing malaria to improve child and maternal health,and commending the progress made toward reducing global malaria prevalence and deaths.

Publication date: April 2013
Source: The U.S. Government Printing Office
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/senate-resolution-119-supporting-the-goals-and-ideals-of-world-malaria-day/

Community case management of diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia

A working paper providing a profile of government policies and implementation of community case management of diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia for sick children aged 2 months-5 years across sub-Saharan Africa in 2010.

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Publication date: December 2012
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/community-case-management-of-diarrhea-malaria-and-pneumonia-pdf/