Swaziland Leads Sub-Saharan Africa in Ending Malaria; Aims to Eliminate by 2015

An article highlighting Swaziland’s recent success in fighting malaria, explaining how  despite challenges that lie ahead, it is possible to achieve its ambitious goal to eliminate malaria by 2015.

Publication date: November 2012
Source: UCSF Global Health Sciences
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/swaziland-leads-sub-saharan-africa-in-ending-malaria-aims-to-eliminate-by-2015/

Malaria resurgence: a systematic review and assessment of its causes

A journal article categorizing the causes of historical malaria resurgence events according to whether they were related to weakened malaria control programmes, increased potential for malaria transmission, or technical obstacles like resistance.

Publication date: April 2012
Source: Malaria Journal
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/malaria-resurgence-a-systematic-review-and-assessment-of-its-causes/

Estimates of child deaths prevented from malaria prevention scale-up in Africa 2001-2010

A journal article assessing the likely impact that malaria prevention intervention scale-up has had on malaria mortality over the past decade (2001-2010) across 43 malaria endemic countries in sub-Saharan African.

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Publication date: March 2012
Source: Malaria Journal
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/estimates-of-child-deaths-prevented-from-malaria-prevention-scale-up-in-africa-2001-2010-2/