Harmonization of malaria rapid diagnostic tests: best practices in labelling including instructions for use

Guidance on best practices for RDT labeling for increased user-friendliness.

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Publication date: December 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Perceptions of malaria and acceptance of rapid diagnostic tests and related treatment practises among community members and health care providers in Greater Garissa, North Eastern Province, Kenya

Using the setting of a pilot introduction of malaria RDTs in Greater Garissa, North Eastern Province, Kenya, this study aims to identify and understand perceptions regarding malaria diagnosis, with a particular focus on RDTs, and treatment among community members and health care workers (HCWs).

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Publication date: December 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Mass Screening and Treatment using a Falciparum-specific Rapid Diagnostic Test did not reduce malaria incidence in Zanzibar.

Seasonal increases in malaria continue in hotspots in Zanzibar. Mass screening and treatment (MSAT) may help reduce the reservoir of infection; however, it is unclear whether rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) detect a sufficient proportion of low-density infections to have impact on subsequent transmission. This study found that highly sensitive point-of-care diagnostic tools for detection of all human malaria species are needed to make MSAT an effective strategy in malaria pre-elimination settings.

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Publication date: November 2014
Source: Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Scale-up of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapy: Challenges and Perspectives in Sub-Saharan Africa

An article examining the operational challenges to of scaling up and maintaining RDT coverage as needed for the WHO GMP initiative: T3: Test. Treat. Track.

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Publication date: January 2014
Source: PLOS Medicine
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Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests: An Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide to implementing the use of rapid diagnostic tests in malaria control programs, in order to ensure well-planned and effective parasite-based diagnosis.

Publication date: 2013

Source: GOV.UK
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