Malaria vaccines: past, present and future

An overview of efforts to design malaria vaccine candidates, evaluating their effectiveness, and explaining the various stages in the life cycle of Plasmodia that are targeted by each candidate.

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Publication date: September 2013
Source: British Medical Journal

Modeling the public health impact of malaria vaccines for developers and policymakers

A paper describing a Malaria Vaccine Model developed to model the potential demand, public health impact, and cost and financing requirements of a malaria vaccine in a user-friendly way.

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Publication date: July 2013
Source: BioMed Central

A mathematical model of the impact of present and future malaria vaccines

A study analyzing the impact of potential malaria vaccines utilizing a comprehensive model of the vector life cycle coupled to a detailed mechanistic representation of intra-host parasite and immune dynamics.

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Publication date: April 2013
Source: Malaria Journal