Exposure to artemether-lumefantrine (Coartem®) in first trimester pregnancy in an observational study in Zambia

Pregnant women who were exposed to artemether-lumefantrine (AL) for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria were followed up and evaluated in a prospective cohort study. This report assessed the longitudinal safety outcomes of the pregnant women inadvertently exposed during the first trimester. Exposure was not associated with particular safety risks, suggesting that randomized clinical trials could now be the way forward to assess safety and efficacy of ACT in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Source: Malaria Journal
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Comparison of a mobile phone-based malaria reporting system with source participant register data for capturing spatial and temporal trends in epidemiological indicators of malaria transmission collected by community health workers in rural Zambia

Timeliness, completeness, and accuracy are key requirements for any surveillance system to reliably monitor disease burden and guide efficient resource prioritization. Evidence that electronic reporting of malaria cases by CHWs meet these requirements remains limited. This study describes and evaluates a prototype mobile phone reporting platform for a CBSS in rural Zambia that was initially established as a programme implemented by CHWs for community-wide passive and active testing with RDTs and treatment of all confirmed cases with AL, which also allowed monitoring of malaria parasite infection burden as a secondary objective

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Publication date: December 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Efficacy of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine for intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy, Mansa, Zambia

A study examining the efficacy of IPTp-SP and the presence of the quintuple mutant hapolyte among pregnant women in Mansa, Zambia.

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Publication date: June 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Defining the malaria burden in Nchelenge District, northern Zambia using the World Health Organization malaria indicators survey

A report on the findings and implications of a cross-sectional survey to determine the prevalence and intensity of infection among children under ten years, carried out in March-April 2012 in Nchelenge district, Zambia.

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Publication date: June 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Assessing Impact, Improving Health: Progress in Child Health Across Districts in Zambia

A report from the Malaria Control Policy Assessment (MCPA) project in Zambia, which has sought to quantify the impact of malaria control and other child health interventions on reductions in under-5 mortality across districts in Zambia.

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Publication date: April 2014
Source: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
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High burden of malaria following scale-up of control interventions in Nchelenge District, Luapula Province, Zambia

A paper finding that despite high coverage with vector control interventions, the burden of malaria in Nchelenge District, Zambia remained high from 2006 to 2012. There are several possible explanations, highlighting that quality information at fine spatial scales will be critical for targeting effective interventions and measurement of progress.

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Publication date: April 2014
Source: Malaria Journal
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Implementing integrated community case management: Stakeholder experiences and lessons learned in three African countries

A learning paper discussing a participatory evaluation on integrated community case management implementation in South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.

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Publication date: March 2014
Source: Malaria Consortium
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Documenting malaria case management coverage in Zambia: a systems effectiveness approach

A report examining the use of a a systems effectiveness approach in malaria case management in Zambia, using data from nationally representative surveys, in order to guide improved future tracking methods.

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Publication date: October 2013
Source: Malaria Journal
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/documenting-malaria-case-management-coverage-in-zambia-a-systems-effectiveness-approach/

Photo essay: screening and treating with community health workers in Zambia

A photo essay following community health workers as they test and treat for malaria in the fishing villages of Sinazongwe District along the shores of Lake Kariba in Southern Province, Zambia.

Publication date: July 2013
Source: Making Malaria History
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Health impact and cost-effectiveness of a private sector bed net distribution: experimental evidence from Zambia [PDF]

A paper evaluating the health impact of a large-scale distribution of insecticide-treated nets conducted in partnership with a Zambian agribusiness, and its cost-effectiveness from the perspective of the National Malaria Control Programme.

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Publication date: March 2013
Source: Malaria Journal
Permalink: http://www.makingmalariahistory.org/toolkit-resource/health-impact-and-cost-effectiveness-of-a-private-sector-bed-net-distribution-experimental-evidence-from-zambia-pdf/