Your MACEPA Malaria Minute: Information wheelbarrow!

By Chelsea Montes De Oca
Advocacy and Communications Officer, MACEPA, and Global Health Corps Fellow

Last week Abdi Mohamed, PATH’s senior adviser and coordinator for malaria and neglected tropical diseases, joined PATH CEO joined Steve Davis in Beijing for the High-Level Meeting of China-Africa Health Cooperation. Invited guests included African ministers of health, the World Health Organization, the RBM Partnership to End Malaria, the Global Fund, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This gathering was intended to pave the way for next month’s Forum for China-Africa Cooperation, slated for September 3–4.

The delegation from Zambia included the Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, and the Director of the National Malarial Elimination Centre, Dr. Elizabeth Chizema. During the trip, Abdi and Steve also participated in a ceremony where Fosun Pharma donated $240,000 worth of medicine to Zambia’s Ministry of Health for use in the country’s upcoming mass drug administration campaign.

To read more about this growing partnership, click here.

PATH CEO Steve Davis shaking hands with Zambia’s
Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chiluyfa.

Information wheelbarrow!

Senegal is harnessing innovative outreach activities to support education about malaria, including what’s called the “information wheelbarrow.” On the occasion of Tabaski, a Muslim holiday, the wheelbarrow is circulated in the arteries of Daraal Sewkhaye (sheep market) to educate sellers coming from different countries on issues related to malaria. This is also a great way to intercept those who may have a fever or could be ill with malaria and direct them to nearby health facilities.

Pictured here is Mr. El Hadj Diop, founder of the Thienaba’s community health workers association. In addition to outreach, the association and Sewkhaye Health Post distributed 250 insecticidal nets. Big thanks to Mamadou for ‘wheeling’ these details and photos to us!

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Since we served up a short and sweet version of the Malaria Minute this week, here’s an extra read (and two videos) for you:

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An anti-malaria video made in 1943 by Walt Disney for the US government resurfaced in a recent NPR article about a newer malaria-related cartoon made by Aardman Animations, creator of the popular “Wallace and Gromit” claymation films. 

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